MATEORS DOT COM is a innovative Software Developement Company & Jointly working with ASHNAH LTD (UK). We are Specialise in Developing Mobile Recharge Software, Accounting Software,SMS Gateway(In/Out),Static Website, E-Commerce based Website, offering Domain Resellership Hosting & Any Custom Software Developement. We have 6 years of experience in software & Database Developement. We have own developed Accounting Software, Mobile Balance Recharge Software, SMS gateway, IVR Management, Voice Message & Spyware/Keylogger/PC Monitoring/Software Application.

If you want to start an online business and afraid of IT cost then contact us. We can setup your business up and running all within $2500.00 dollars including server computer, secure server, e-commerce websites, unlimited email. All you need a broadband connection. For more details please contact us.

M o r e I n f o R e s u m e

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You can easily contact with us about any types of business inquiry like our Service Quotation, Package Details, Hosting Details, Domain Features, what ever in your mind. just feel free to share with us.

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