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Welcome to Bangladesh School Management System

New Year

BSMS is an online based school management system. All are welcome to visit the site. The admin will feel secured to work in admit panel . There is a online admission form for student.

To get all requirements to admdit , there is a page available for all. Teachers can make their profile. All notics and announcement will show on homepage.

Bangladesh School Management System is an online based school management system.This site is rich with a lots of resources. If user hits "online applicaiton" , he/she will get an admission form free. To know about requirements to admit , user will hit "admission information". "Result" will the results of admission.

Academic tag will show about advisor and faculties options. To know about advisor, user need to check "advisor".Faculties tag provide details about all teachers of all facultiess.

"Notice" will show all notices. New announcements and order of faculties will show on noticeboard.

To contact with us , please hit on contact. You will get the lcation of our school with telephone no,mobile no. You can fax to us too.